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A Newer Method

A Newer Method for Transporting Goods

Remember those frustrating times moving house? How about those occasions when you had to go through the hassle of finding a reliable courier for your goods? Those days are now long gone with IMoveIT, a website which enables anyone within the UK to get their belongings moved faster, cheaper and more conveniently. Through our easy-to-use webstore, those with items to move can get in touch with those who can help very rapidly. Forget about wasting hours finding a cheap removal service. Do not worry about scouring the Internet for courier services in Manchester, London or anywhere else which can take parcels where you need them within the UK. We have everything catered for you right here on our website. Delivering goods across Great Britain is never going to be the same. We have revolutionised the way people look at the removals industry and are proud to be able to assist people in the moving process no matter the size of the goods or their destination. In fact, we do more than just make the whole procedure less painless. We also make it cheaper and more environmentally friendly as well. Forget about the rest. IMoveIt is the only moverís site you will ever need.

Our Mission

Our Mission and Purpose

We have created our company to offer both consumers and businesses around the UK an efficient method of transporting their goods across the country without having to spend a fortune. How our site works is really quite simple. Firstly, anyone who has something which needs to be delivered can enter in their delivery details such as included items and destination. Then, drivers who are going that way will place a bid on how much they charge to transport the goods. Senders will get a chance to compare bids as the auction progresses. Typically, these prices will be much cheaper than most national courier services including shipping and other delivery fees. Not only this, but senders can peruse the details of different drivers and read customer testimonials on them to determine whether they are getting the best deal even though the price looks right. Paying a bit extra might mean that you hire a more reliable driver, after all. The entire process of procuring a driver to transport your goods is quick and painless and makes moving goods from point A to point B so much simpler to accomplish. There is no easier alternative to be found anywhere else.

A Cheaper Way

A Cheaper Way to Move Your Goods

One of the major drawbacks of moving any goods around the country is the high price that is attached to removal companies and private couriers. Charging by the hour or by weight, they can make a significant dent in your bank account. This is simply because they are solely focusing on your delivery when taking your goods to a particular destination. Overnight or same day courier services London and Britain-wide can be even more expensive. Our site takes advantage of the fact that some people might be heading to a delivery location and may have some boot space available. Since there are so many people crisscrossing the UK anyway, why hire someone else to move your personal belongings? Just take advantage of one of these drivers already heading in the right direction. They are cheaper than any of your local courier transport services and are just as reliable thanks to our trustworthy review system and driver information sections. Simply enter in your delivery details and let the bids start rolling in. In this way, finding the most cost effective, reliable driver will be a piece of cake and your belongings will be on the way before you know it.

Earn Extra Cash

Earn Some Extra Cash on the Side

If you are heading across the length or breadth of the UK, we can also provide you with a way to make some additional cash while on the road. Regardless of the vehicle you are driving, you will be sure to have some extra boot space available to fit in an extra package or two. By signing up to IMoveIt, you can locate people interested in making use of your automobile in carrying their belongings from one place to another. All that you have to do to secure this delivery and earn some easy income is to make a bid on the particular item. If your bid is lower than everyone else's, then it is time to slip into the couriers service role and deliver the requested parcel as specified. Seeing as you are heading that way anyway, the whole process will not be too difficult and you can earn enough money to cover your petrol costs for the drive plus some additional cash for the added effort required. Our website is especially useful if you are regularly driving along a specific route. While the drive there and back might be monotonous, at least you will be earning some additional money along the way.

Saving the Environment

Saving the Environment One Parcel at a Time

Apart from the obvious financial advantages of the services found here at IMoveIt, our site also goes a long way to helping save the Earth. Rather than hiring an additional driver and vehicle for deliveries across the UK, we take advantage of anyone who is already on the road and their existing boot-space. In this way, we have a positive affect on the number of cars on the road and can reduce our country's carbon footprint when it comes to the exhaust sent up into the atmosphere. Our company offers the courier equivalent of car-pooling. Instead of making use of separate courier freight services, our bidding system can connect the appropriate people together to allow a cheap, environmentally-friendly way of transporting goods across the nation. What better way is there to get your goods delivered? Not only will you save money and time, you can protect the planet as well. IMoveIt is a smarter choice when it comes to moving goods of all sizes across the country. By reducing the number of vehicles on Britainís roads, we are making our nation a much safer, more scenic place to drive in as well as reducing the damage done to the Earth.

Make Use

Make Use of Our Services Today

If you are interested in using our website, it is really quite simple. If you wish to send goods, there is no sign-up fee at all. Just enter your delivery details in the appropriate section. If you own a spare vehicle and move along a specific route on a regular basis, you can easily sign up for a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year membership. This consists of a onetime fee, after which you will receive all money earned from any successful bids. After that, it is simple. Both senders and drivers log on to our eBay courier services auction system and then find their perfect temporary business partners. If you have any questions at all, our website is full of information on the procedures involved, the terms and conditions, and the drivers and deliveries currently on offer. Alternatively, you could always contact us through the electronic form found on our webpage. Our staff will be happy to talk to you about our national courier services and clear up any questions which you may have on delivery, shipping or anything else. Here at IMoveIt, we aim to make goods transportation as simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly as possible all through the one user-friendly website.

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